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Reducing CATOs in Pyrotechnic Rockets

by David Forster

David explains how waxing the inside of rocket tubes will reduce the incidence of rockets exploding on the launch pad, as well as increase the powder core density. Several methods for waxing the tubes are given.

Thai Rocket Building, Part 1

by Paul Moulder

Rarely seen details of large scale Thai Rocket construction are revealed in this first hand account by our resident pyro living in Thailand.

Fiberglass Star Roller

by Kyle Kepley

This high capacity table-top star roller produces excellent star cascading motion for optimum rolling speed, and also has no issues with comp sticking to the drum walls or accumulating in corners due to being a perfect sphere. If you have ever wanted to learn how to work with fiberglass, this is a good starter project.

Freestanding Stainless Star Roller

by Kyle Kepley

Build this industrial star roller with adjustable speed control, easily adjustable tilt angle, removable drum, high capacity no-stick stainless drum with optimal rolling shape, portability and stand-alone operation-- all for around $300 in materials.

3D Printed Star Sorting Screens

by Kyle Kepley

Build this set of 12 star screens with your 3D printer.

Charcoal Grinder

by Kyle Kepley

Build this simple charcoal grinder using a garbage disposal.

Girandola Rockets

by Kyle Kepley

Learn the secrets to building authentic Mexican girandola rockets.

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