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6" Tourbillion to Report Ball Shell

by Michael Fales
Dec 13 2015

Build this 6" ball shell loaded with silver tourbillions that terminate with a report.

Bike Frame Star Roller

by Kyle Kepley
Nov 17 2015

This heavy duty metal frame star roller uses VFD speed control combined with a high ratio of mechanical speed reduction, giving the ability to roll large batches of stars even at low speeds. The small size and detachable drum makes this machine very portable and ideal for on-site rolling. It's also made from a bike frame, giving you a welded metal frame roller without having to do any actual welding or metal working.

Magic Crystal

by Michael Fales
Nov 10 2015

Michael meticulously details how to recreate this popular class C flying spinner.

A Journey to the East (Part1)

by Michael Fales
Oct 27 2015

Michael shows us images from fireworks factories in China during his recent visit there.

30 Ton Hydraulic Press

by Mitch Piatt
Oct 16 2015

Mitch shows how he converted a 30 ton bottle jack press into a powered hydraulic press with loading, pressing and extraction tooling for comet plates.

Reducing CATOs in Pyrotechnic Rockets

by David Forster
Sep 22 2015

David explains how waxing the inside of rocket tubes will reduce the incidence of rockets exploding on the launch pad, as well as increase the powder core density. Several methods for waxing the tubes are given.

Thai Rocket Building, Part 1

by Paul Moulder
Sep 8 2015

Rarely seen details of large scale rocket production in Thailand.

Fiberglass Star Roller

by Kyle Kepley
Aug 30 2015

This large capacity star roller is made by glassing over an inflatable exercise ball to get a perfectly sphere shaped rolling drum.

Freestanding Stainless Star Roller

by Kyle Kepley
Aug 10 2015

This versatile star roller uses plywood construction and a variable speed sewing machine motor and features adjustable tilt angle and removable rolling drum. Designed to be operated from both a standing or sitting position, this freestanding unit can be easily moved around using its rear wheels and requires no table to rest on.

Star Sorting Screens

by Kyle Kepley
Aug 5 2015

Make this set of 12 star sorting screens on your 3D printer.

Charcoal Grinder

by Kyle Kepley
Jul 27 2015

This simple charcoal grinder uses a sink mounted garbage disposal to quickly and effectively turn home made charcoal chunks into fine powder.

Girandola Rocket Frames

by Kyle Kepley
Jul 23 2015

The technique for building light weight bamboo frames used in Mexican style girandola rockets is revealed.

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